Thursday, June 9, 2011


June 8th the whole Summers-Knoll family- parents, students, teachers, staff- met at County Farm Park for graduation. What a lovely way to close out the year. Joanna wrote incredible poems for each child, Jan helped the kids prepare some singing and dancing, and we in the art room made the lovely red sashes you see in this photo. Earlier in the week, the kids made paper badges for the older kids who were graduating. It was sweet, and they looked great. Happy Summer time!

Trip to plant the seed bombs

June 1st we packed some bags of seed bombs and walked to an undisclosed location to throw them. It was such a lovely day. We walked, talking about nothing and everything. Even though it was not the last day of art, it felt like really great closure for the year. Now we will have to watch and see if our plants will grow!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seed Bomb Factory

Seed Bomb Recipe

Seed Bombs
The weapon of choice for guerrilla gardeners everywhere, seed bombs (or seed grenades) are compressed balls of soil and compost that have been impregnated with wildflower seeds. Jettisoned onto barren, abandoned, or otherwise inhospitable land, including construction sites and abandoned lots, seed bombs are a way of beautifying abandoned areas. "Kaboom" sounds optional.
5 cups red clay powder
1 cup worm castings
1 cup seeds
1 cup water
yield: about 40 seed bombs

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Great Quote

Oliver: I am surprised by what great artists we are!
Arvid: Do you know why we are such great artists?
Oliver: Why?
Arvid: Because it's what we were born to do!


Today we walked over to County Farm Park with a mini photo art lab. The kids collected sticks, stones, and plants to make sun prints with pretreated light sensitive paper. We developed the paper with water, and now the sheets are spread out and drying all over my house. Soon you will see the finished work.


Spring time means weaving for the Kindergarten class. First with paper..... soon with yarn and ribbons!